Delivering your new home

Supply of materials: After you confirm your order, we begin to gather the components from our network of trusted suppliers to augment other standard materials we hold on the assembly site.

Assembly process begins with erecting the CLT panels to form the structural shell of each module. We then lightly connect them together as they progress down the production-line track.

Two internal framed walls complete the interior and non-structural purlins, girts, and packers are applied to the CLT before the insulation wrap and steel cladding panels are fixed.

Stained ply infill panels and exterior joinery complete the enclosure of the house.

Plumbing and electrical first-fix occurs inside the house while the exterior work is proceeding. As soon as the house is enclosed, tiling can be laid and kitchen and laundry joinery installed so the plumbing and electrical services can be completed.

Production process takes about 8–10 weeks from when the first CLT wall panel was erected.  By this time interior linings, doors, tile grouting, painting, and staining are complete and hardware and light fittings installed –all is ready for transport to your site.

Approximately 4 weeks before the transport date, our team coordinates preparing your site for your new home. This includes installing piles and ensuring services are laid up to the footprint ready for connection.

Once building consents are approved from council/s at both the assembly site and the site for your Te Whare-iti, we can begin the approximate 2-week installation and connection exercise.  

The low loader gently lifts Te Whare-iti off the OSM production line in its preplanned combo of single and multiple modules and makes a typical nighttime journey to your site – or more often to the road nearest your site from where the crane lifts the modules into position.

Bearers are attached to piles, separated modules are reconnected, final floor coverings laid, steps and landings added, mains power connected and water and drainage commissioned. Sometimes new paths by other contractors are needed for exterior accessibility.

Our target is to have you occupying your new home with its site Code Compliance Certificate within 4 weeks after delivery.

Watch animated video of installing Te Whare-iti prefabricated modules on a steep site.