Winner in PrefabNZ SNUG house design

Te Whare-iti, designed by Aonui Architecture, was a winner in the PrefabNZ SNUG house design competition for small affordable homes for Auckland city.

Te Whare-iti can suit a range of sites, and spaces as narrow as nine metres. Box-forms plug into a services core in a variety of configurations to best suit yard size, sun, views, access and budget. The living space is a multi-use space and serves as a bedroom by night, with sliding doors, preserving kitchen access for others. Sustainable design includes locally-sourced timber panels, passive solar harvesting, thermal mass, electric window openers and a roof pitch suitable for solar power.

See Aonui’s Te Whare-iti is a winner.

Te Whare-iti potential solution for papakainga housing

Aonui Architecture has identified Te Whare-iti prefabricated modules as a potential solution for Papakākainga housing.

Aonui’s concept sketch shows multi-family and multi-generational houses sharing living areas with common courtyards and private whānau spaces.   Popular plans, made with modules