Select from the links below to see how each module fits into a typical plan, then browse through the selection of Popular plans to start planning your Te Whare-iti.

Service module (18m2)

The service module is the basic building block of your Te Whare-iti. It contains the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry.

Multi-use module (14m2)

The multi-use module is your living space, guest accommodation, or home office.

Multi-use module highlighted in plan of two-bedroom Te Whare-iti TWI-21
Multi-use module

Porch module 1 (8m2)

A porch module is always built in association with a multi-use module.

This porch module acts as a covered entrance into the multi-use space.

Porch module 2 (8m2)

Porch module 2 creates more area in the multi-use space.

Bedroom modules

One of the many features of the smart design of Te Whare-iti is the ability to expand your house by using a dividing hallway to add bedrooms. The small bedroom example below shows the dividing hallway between the multi-use space and the adjoining larger bedroom.

Small bedroom (12m2)

Small bedroom module highlighted in two-bedroom Te Whare-iti TWI-21
Plan of small bedroom module with link corridor

Large bedroom (14m2)

Large bedroom module highlighted in two-bedroom Te Whare-iti TWI-21
Plan of large bedroom module
3D view of large bedroom module

Sunspace modules

Made primarily of glass, the sunspace modules offer useful living space extensions to the service module.

Sunspace 1 (5m2)

Sunspace 1 highlighted in plan of two-bedroom Te Whare-iti TWI-21

Sunspace 2 (5m2)

Sunspace 3 (5m2)

Link modules

Link modules are available in a range of widths. Their primary purpose is to join two wings of the house at right angles. They also provide the opportunity for extensive glazing for views, extra living space and storage facilities, and indoor/outdoor access points.

Link module 1 (5m2)

This 1.2m wide link shows the potential for a ‘back door’ and storage cupboard.

Link module 2 (8m2)

The 1.8m-wide link provides the opportunity for a dining space with good outdoor access.

Link module 3 (13m2)

The 3m-wide link module creates a dining room that links the kitchen and multi-use lounge area.

Expansion module (6m2)

The 1.5m-wide expansion module can become an ensuite bathroom, see below.

3D view of expansion module

The expansion module can also be used to extend the bedroom.

Expansion module plan
Expansion module
3D view of expansion module

Browse through Popular plans to get an idea of which combination of Te Whare-iti modules will suit your needs and site.