Here’s a summary of the construction process for your Te Whare-iti modular home:

  • from ordering the CLT panels
  • to off-site assembly
  • to preliminary work on your site
  • to transport by truck and lifting by crane
  • to installing on your site, and
  • connecting services on your site.

Off-site assembly

The cross laminated timber (CLT) that forms 90% of the building’s structure, and the carefully designed modular system contribute to the strength and cost advantage of Te Whare-iti.

Te Whare-iti houses are comprised of 4.5m-wide standard room modules that can connect in many combinations and directions, to create your desired plan.

The large and precisely cut pinus radiata panel system for each Te Whare-iti modular house is assembled in a few days with hand tools and a telehandler to exact tolerances and with minimal wastage.

The connections are made during assembly at Wright Industrial Ltd’s assembly site, and are imperceptible in the finished house interior. 

Exterior wall and roof insulation is treated wool blanket providing R3.0 and R4.0 respectively fitted to the outer side of the panels before the colour-coated steel cladding and roofing is applied.  Underfloor insulation is reconstituted XPS providing R2.5.

Internal walls are also generally CLT but framed walls with plywood linings are utilized for non-structural partitions and where bedroom modules incorporate a corridor.

LVL bearers at 2.1m-centres run the length of all Te Whare iti houses and transfer CLT floor and wall loads directly into the timber piles installed on site in advance of the house arrival.

Onsite work, pre-delivery

Four weeks before the house arrives, pre-delivery on-site work includes:

  • piles installed on site in advance of the house arrival
  • ensuring services (water, power, stormwater, waste water) are laid up to the house footprint
  • ensuring other required site-specific work has been completed (under terms as agreed in customer’s contract).

Transporting to your site

If your site has easy access, your fully finished Te Whare-iti can be delivered as a single truck load or crane lift.

Where access is more challenging, modules are lifted and installed singly or in pairs and the modules connected on site.

Finishing on-site work

Bearers are attached to piles, separated modules are reconnected, final floor coverings laid, steps and landings added, mains power connected and water and drainage commissioned.

Sometimes new paths by other contractors are needed for exterior accessibility, but our target is to have you occupying your new home with its site Code Compliance Certificate within 4 weeks after delivery.

The only concrete used in Te Whare-iti is for pile embedment. This is not required where screw piles or driven piles are used.

The CLT and a ply lined wall provide all the bracing needed. No plasterboard or plaster is needed.

Selection of suppliers who contribute to the successful construction of the prefabricated, modular homes: